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The blood crisis has erupted in various blood banks in the state amid the rise of the third wave of covid. And with this the excitement spread in the blood bank of SSKM hospital. The patient’s family was accused of beating an employee of the hospital’s blood bank for not receiving blood. Police have already arrested two people in the incident. Police have been deployed at PG Hospital immediately after the incident.

The patient’s family alleged that they were looking for B-negative blood in the blood bank of a one-day-old baby girl as she needed blood. But the blood bank informed that blood cannot be given. Angered by this, the family members of the patient allegedly attacked the staff of the blood bank.

However, according to the blood bank, it was not possible for the patient’s family to donate blood on their behalf due to the current famine. However, when the patient’s family refuses to comply, they first quarrel with him and then beat him.

One by one, in the midst of Kovid’s rise, first-line fighters like doctors and health workers are being attacked by Corona. According to the doctors, they are trying to provide services to the patients and beating the doctors and health workers is not right.

The patient’s family has been accused of beating doctors in several hospitals before. A few days ago, a doctor was allegedly beaten at a hospital in Maldar.

Incidentally, the blood crisis occurred during the first and second wave of Covid at various blood banks and hospitals in the state. According to Blood Banks, many people are afraid to donate blood in panic because of the growing number of covids. In this situation, various non-governmental organizations have taken initiative to meet the blood crisis.


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