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After Shambhunath Pandit Hospital, this time the medicine is about to expire at Beleghata ID Hospital. According to Beleghata ID sources, there are still 46,500 hydroxychloroquine tablets in stock. Which is due to expire in March. On the other hand, there are 4,620 Favipiravi tablets. It is due to expire in February.

In this situation, Beleghata ID Hospital has sent a letter to the health department requesting to return the medicine. The Beleghata ID Hospital authorities have appealed to the health department to send the medicines to all the hospitals where the medicines are required. These drugs are usually considered as life-saving drugs for coronary infections.

In a state where corona infection is increasing by leaps and bounds every day, the question arises as to how Beleghata ID Hospital is going to waste so much medicine.

However, the health department was informed by Beleghata ID Hospital that they do not need so much medicine. The hospital authorities claimed that the medicine was then sent to Beleghata Hospital by the health department.

Manas Gumta, general secretary of the Association of Health Service Doctors, an organization of working doctors, blamed the health department for this.

Last Thursday, 650 Ramdasevi injections expired at Shambhunath Pandit Hospital. The value of which is about 6 lakh rupees. The cost of one of these life-giving injections of Corona is around 20 to 22 thousand rupees. These injections are used in corona as well as a variety of other medical applications. In this situation the question arises how so many drugs and injections are being wasted?


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