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LUCKNOW: Attacking the ruling BJP for misleading election campaigns, Samajwadi Party national president Akhilesh Yadav said Hitler had only one propaganda minister, but here the entire government is propaganda.
“Hitler ne ek propaganda minister banaya tha … aur batao yahan poori sarkar propaganda hai … poora budget propaganda mein chala gaya … har baat inki jhooti hai (Hitler had one propaganda minister … here, the entire government is busy with propaganda … the entire budget has been spent on propaganda … their every claim is a lie),” Akhilesh said responding to a media query in Gonda on Friday.
Akhilesh along with party’s principal general secretary Ram Gopal Yadav was to visit Gonda as a part of his Vijay Rath Yatra schedule during which he had to unveil the statue of SP leader and former minister late Pandit Singh. However, the Vijay Yatra schedule was postponed due to Covid surge. He, however, reached Gonda to unveil the statue of his party leader and addressed those who had gathered at the event.
Prior to the event the SP chief held a press conference where he was asked about the claims of the ruling BJP on providing jobs to the unemployed when described it as mere propaganda. “The government claims to have given two crore jobs in the MSME sector. How many people in Gonda have got jobs? This is a government which does have anything to show in their advertisements. They show photographs of an airport in China, a flyover in Kolkata and a factory in America to showcase their development projects,” he said, adding that it was due to easy access to mobile phones and internet that the propaganda was unmasked.
Speaking for the first time on the issue of the lapse in PM’s security during his Punjab visit, Akhilesh said “Security is an important issue” but opted not to speak further on the lapse. “My appeal to the protesting farmers would be that they should have allowed the PM to reach the venue of his rally so that he could have addressed the people and empty chairs there,” he said adding that had PM addressed the rally, the BJP leaders might have told the people why the three farm laws were brought in and why they were withdrawn.

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