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In the next 48 hours, it will be decided whether the State Election Commission will vote for the four municipalities on January 22. This order was given by the Calcutta High Court itself. And after that the State Election Commission has started its activities. The officials of the commission sat in a meeting with the lawyers. Will the vote be postponed? Will the election be held on the 22nd? The commission is looking for a way out.

Today, the Calcutta High Court on Friday asked whether the municipal elections would be held four to six weeks later. The Calcutta High Court has even asked the commission to take a decision keeping in mind the coronavirus situation. In this situation, the officials of the State Election Commission sat in a meeting with the lawyers. And there are seven days in hand. Either you have to choose, or you have to back off. The commission is looking for ways to maintain it.

According to the State Election Commission, the commission wants to conclude the meeting on this issue today. Because the commission will announce the final decision by Saturday afternoon. Coronavirus is now in full swing in the state. A public interest litigation was filed to seize the opportunity. But in the end, the Calcutta High Court pushed the ball towards the State Election Commission.

However, if the municipal elections are postponed now, there will be no constitutional crisis. Because the state government is running administrators in expired municipalities. So if the election is delayed, it will continue for another month and a half. However, the Calcutta High Court has said that the whole matter should be considered by the Election Commission.


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