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RAIPUR: Under pressure for killing their own cadres, Maoists of the Gangaloor Area Committee issued a handwritten press note on Sunday to deny reports that they had killed three persons, including two of their own cadres who were lovers and had broken ranks with insurgents to marry.
The Maoists, however, admitted to the murder of one of their cadres, Kamlu Punem, and claimed he was killed because he worked for the police and “was in a relationship with a relative”.
On Saturday, police said they had information that Kamlu, a militia platoon commander, and his lover Mangi, a militia member, were produced in a kangaroo court and killed by their comrades in Bijapur. A villager was also killed the same day.
The Maoists claim this is police propaganda, but the note is silent about Mangi. G Bastar range P Sundarraj told TOI,“If this press note of Gangaloor Area Committee Maoists is authentic, then it supports the police version on the issue…Police have stated that Maoists have executed their own militia cadres Kamlu Punem and Mangi Punem. Whether both cadres tried to elope from the Maoist camp in order to marry is a matter of investigation. But the very fact that Naxals are executing their own cadres on suspicion of being police informers or for any other reason only indicates that the downfall of this illegal organization has begun.”

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